Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tinkernation is Live

As I mentioned previously, I've been selected to contribute to the inaugural edition of Tinkernation.  It turns out that, as of yesterday, the site went live.  And if you navigate to the 'About' page, you'll find that yours truly is the very first in their list of featured authors.  Booyah!

My content won't start making its way onto the site until later this month, but I'll make sure and drop another update here when that happens.  In the meantime, definitely check out their 'Welcome' page, which includes a pretty cool feature and interview with Joe Nocella from 718 Cyclery in Brooklyn.  Joe may be considered my contemporary just from the fact that we're both contributing bicycle-related material to Tinkernation, but he's got a hell of a lot more experience and expertise, a way better shop, and a much more creative design sense than I do.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what he puts forward for his series of Tinkernation posts.  He's bound to put me to shame, but I plan to take it as a valuable lesson from an unwitting teacher.

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