Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Tinkery

 The Tinkery is where new life is breathed into aging bicycles.  This is also where the Stringer fleet of bicycles is housed and repaired.  A number of bicycles have come through the doors of The Tinkery.  Some are overhauled, tuned up, dialed in, and then sent back to their owners.  Others are restored and then sold.  Then there are others still that have just the right fit, feel, and look to end up on the wall of The Tinkery, where they will be delicately cared for for years to come - or until something better comes along.

Besides my own personal restoration and repair projects, I also enjoy taking on other projects - large and small - for friends and family.  I have a particular interest in old bicycles.  Exotic materials, tapered tubing, ergonomic shifting, and aggressive styling are all fine, but there's something about the silhouette and simplicity of a vintage road bike that is difficult to put into words.  There's also something to be said for keeping such machines on the road, as opposed to the landfill.