Tuesday, January 17, 2012

About Cycle Like a Stringer

We are Cody and Ginger Stringer, a husband-and-wife team of bike enthusiasts in Springfield, MO. We encourage everyone to try commuting by bicycle, and like to talk repair and restoration and stylish cycling. We try to bike to work every day, but when bad weather strikes or are transporting our toddler we take our station wagon, unless it's the weekend and we're going to breakfast.

Ginger bikes about four miles daily and has two vintage bicycles. She strives to make the transition from the bike to the office as seamless as possible, and firmly believes you can bike to work wearing the clothes you already have in your closet. Usually she posts pictures of herself wearing things you wouldn't expect to see on a cyclist, just so you can see what's possible on a bike.

Cody is an amateur bicycle mechanic who enjoys restoring vintage and classic machines.  From The Tinkery, he keeps the family's bicycles running and in good working order while also undertaking restoration projects.