Friday, March 30, 2012

Call Me Semi-Professional

I've been selected to participate in a new project being launched by Liquid Wrench called Tinkernation.  The best way I can think of to describe this project is that it's an online magazine that will host a short series of posts from a handpicked selection of bloggers who dwell in the realm of motorcycle, automobile, and bicycle repair/restoration, as well as home improvement.  The official description that I received when I was initially approached about participating in this project states the following:  Instead of focusing on "how to," Tinkernation's content will spotlight the people who are tinkering around the country, while exploring the "why" behind their motivation to create, build, restore, tinker and repair.

I thought it sounded pretty sweet, so I'm going to be starting a new restoration or rebuild here in the next couple of weeks.  My blog posts that describe this project will be published on Tinkernation.  Rather than having duplicate posts on Tinkernation and Cycle Like a Stringer, I'll probably just provide a link to the original posts here on this blog after they're published.  If I have any extra info or anecdotes to add, I'll throw those in as well.

The folks who I've been talking to from the companies that are assisting Liquid Wrench in starting this project - Brains on Fire and Details - have been really cool.  In general, I'm way stoked about this and I think it's going to be a lot of fun.  I'll let you know when the Tinkernation site goes live and I'll try to post a link to my initial installment as quickly as I can after it's been published - I think that should be sometime in mid- to late-April.  And until then, I'll be continuing with regular updates here at Cycle Like a Stringer.

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  1. We think you're pretty cool, too, Cody. Can't wait to follow your latest project on Tinkernation.
    Details PR