Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Urban Joyride

We had another lovely Joyride last Sunday. Cody and I met up with Bruce, Liz and Kyle over at Again Street Park and set out in search of food and drink downtown. We took Again to West to Stewart to the Flat Branch trail into downtown. Pretty cool ride. And by cool I actually mean very fun, but really hot.

Here Bruce and Liz's arm and me are taking the lane at West and Broadway.

Here we are about to go into the tunnel. Kyle rigged some speakers to his bike so we got to listen to some sweet tunes the whole ride. Here he's changing the song on his phone in his back pocket.


It was so, so pretty in the park. The trail was the best way to go.

We tried to go to The Berlin Cafe first, but they close at 2:00 on Sundays. So, after some pondering we decided to head to Billiards.

It was a very jolly ride. Very.

Did you know there's a patio at Billiards? There's a patio. The beers are cold, the burgers are delicious and the fries are the best in town. We don't mess with playing pool there. We had some bike-related gossiping to do.

We headed back the way we came, but one of us had a little too much fun.

Seriously, we couldn't wake him up.

Anyway, we're changing things up for the next ride. Instead of doing another urban circuit, we're doing a trail ride. Let's meet up at Flat Branch Park by the playground at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. We'll head to Twin Lakes for a picnic and then ride back home. Come ride with us!

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