Thursday, May 3, 2012

The story of the yellow dress

This is my sister with my little dude.
This dress didn't always look like this. It used to be a tunic I bought it on a whim while on a shopping trip with my sister, who is 11 years younger than I am. She's really cute, and can pull off pretty much any trend. She has shaved her head (to raise money for cancer research), pierced her nose and has the kind of figure I can only dream about. To top it all off when her hair grew back in it came back in the most adorable sort of pixie 'do. If she wasn't so outstandingly sweet, it would almost make you want to hate her. This is impossible, though. You couldn't hate her even if you wanted to.

So it's easy for me to get caught up when I'm out shopping with her. I tend to pick up things that are too young or too revealing for a lady of my years. And then she very kindly tells me I look amazing in everything I try on. And then I end up with something I have no idea to style, like this.

Unfortunate, right?

Well, I got a sewing machine a few months ago, bought a couple yards of jersey knit, deconstructed the tunic and came out on the other side with a new dress and a new miniskirt that I'm much more comfortable in.


  1. Love it. You are both such cute girls and can pretty much pull off any look you want.

  2. The dress you made is perfect for you and very elegant! Excellent job.