Monday, August 5, 2013

Off to the farmers market

A couple weeks ago I rode my bike to the Farmers Market of the Ozarks down on the south side of town and then blogged about it for the HLA website. I realize that I'm like a full week late in getting to this, but I wanted to post a brief supplement here at home base. Mostly to share some additional anecdotes and other thoughts about the ride.

First off, as I was leaving Sequiota Park on my southbound trip, I ended up wheelsucking a young couple who were riding on the trail. They didn't seem to appreciate it, and as soon as they realized I was behind them, they slowed down and waved me on to pass. Whatever. I guess no one appreciates a freeloader.

I should also mention that it was really fuckin' hot that day. I think the heat index topped out at close to 100 degrees and it was muggy as hell. I left the house fairly early but decided to grab some breakfast and a bloody mary with the family before hitting the road, which put me in the saddle up until well after noon. I wasn't even close to halfway home when I ran out of water. I spent the rest of the trip cursing the heat and wishing summer was over.

I was pretty stoked to see that Copper Run distillery and Springfield Brew Co. had set up as vendors at the farmers market. This is probably the main reason I'd be interested in making the trip all the way down to this market - I'm guessing that this is the only Springfield-area farmers market that they are at. Pretty cool, though.

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