Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stringers on the move

Remember when Cody filmed a commercial? Well, it's finished, and it's awesome. Take a gander. We hear it might be among the previews at the Bicycle Film Festival that is part of Bicycles and Brews.

We knew we wanted to participate in Bicycles and Brews as soon as the event was announced, but got super pumped when we saw the shirts.

How awesome are these?

We hear there was a surge in registrations at the last minute so late registrants to the morning rides have to wait about a week to get their shirts.

Lucky us. We registered just in time.

Anyway, we're pretty pumped. We're doing the 17-mile ride. Since we registered, we found out a few of our friends signed up for the same ride. Yay! We typically only ride a few miles at a time so this is sure to be challenging, but really enjoyable.

Also, ICYMI, I got to write a little thing about biking to work for the newspaper (full disclosure: I work there, too). They also let me produce a little video about my commute.

I talked the people in charge at my office into registering my company for Bike to Work Week, and five people were signed up the last time I checked! Typically I'm the only person who bikes to work so I'll be really happy to see more fellow commuters.

Mine wasn't the only thing about cycling published in the paper this week.

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