Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cody a film star? Yes!

To say we were delighted when Springfield's Healthy Living Alliance approached us to help them film an informational video about the rules of city cycling would be a massive understatement.

HLA teamed up with local improv comic Jeff Houghton, Brandon of Goodwin Films and us to film the first in their four-part series about healthy living in Springfield. The topic? Basic rules of the road tips for cyclists. Bike to Work Week is just two weeks away so the timing is perfect.

We contributed the Cody and the bike. The idea was to mount a few GoPro cameras onto the tandem, have Cody take the pilot's seat with Jeff on the back. The camera mounting proved to be the most challenging part of the whole endeavor.

Brandon Goodwin, the filmmaker and coworker Doug came over a couple times this week to figure out the logistics and take the rigged up rig out for a spin. For the record, there's a camera on each set of handlebars with sort of a tripod over on the side. Crazy. Cool.

Anyway, we showed up for the shoot this morning, got Cody and Jeff microphoned up...

And sent them on their way.

We are so excited to see the finished product. Everyone involved was so incredibly nice and talented and enthusiastic and easy to work with. We know the finished product will be very awesome.

We'll let you know when the final product is, um, finalized.

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