Friday, April 6, 2012

The Trailing Joyride

I don't often ride on the trail. Maybe because I normally ride solely for transportation, and we don't live close to the trail and don't usually go to places off the trail. But this ride was so much fun it made me wish I took the trail to work.

We met up with Charlie, Steve, Liz and Kyle over at Flat Branch Park.

Then we rode over to Twin Lakes.

The ride was really nice and very relaxing. One of us found it extra relaxing.

The rest of us had a picnic, which was both delicious and delightful. Hooray for making new friends!

After a while we loaded up and headed back. This was more difficult with bellies full of snacks and beers, but we kept pace at about an 11 mph clip, which was just fast enough to keep a cool breeze on our faces, but slow enough to be called leisurely. Really, this may have been my favorite ride so far.

We decided to cancel this Sunday's Joyride so we could spend a little time with our family. But we encourage you to go out and ride your bike somewhere after your big Easter dinner. I highly recommend the Flat Branch to Twin Lakes ride.

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  1. way cool! That boy worked so hard...he looks exhausted!