Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cody's Reading List: Eye Candy

When I started Cody's Reading List, I was really interested in sharing blogs of a particular type, which Ginger would refer to as 'bike porn.'  I was envisioning blogs that showcased the latest and greatest in custom and handmade bicycles.  Inspired by custom motorcycle blogs like BikeEXIF, Return of the Cafe Racers, and Pipeburn, I was initially tempted to author such a blog.  But it really helps to have connections in the industry, of which I have none, and I'm not even very familiar with the more well-known independent builders, let alone the multitude of smaller shops across the country.  So I decided to stick with discussing my work in The Tinkery and leave the showcasing to those who are more capable.  Here are a few of the capable bloggers that I've come across who are providing me with the bike porn that I so desperately desire.

While it may very well be the ugliest blog I've ever laid eyes on, the Bikeville blog showcases some great vintage and classic machines.  The blog appears to be authored by the staff of a Philadelphia bike shop, and while the page design is an eyesore and the pictures are too small (you have to click on an image, which opens a viewer, in order to see the photos at a decent resolution), the bikes are awesome.  The author(s) has a particular eye for well-preserved classic bicycles and I've noted a number of pre-war machines.  And to top it all off, the blog has been around for nearly 5 years, with regular updates like clockwork for the past 3 years.

Culture Cycles was the first blog that I discovered that really embodied the type of blog that I was searching for.  It has a super-clean, simple design and the photos and videos do most of the talking.  The content is straight badass and spans a wide range of bike-related material; a BMX post is followed by a shoe review, which is followed by a fat bike post.  The author of Culture Cycles also cranks out posts like it's his job, sometimes updating the blog several times a day.  Oh yeah, and he's recently launched a series of posts called Brew Review Thursday.  When I read this blog, it takes all my strength not to burst forth from my office, hop onto my Peugeot, and pedal over to the nearest pub for a delicious beverage.  Bikes and beers; you can't beat that.

If you're looking for a blog that exhibits the most rad bikes imaginable, CycleEXIF is it.  I mean, seriously, look at this bike.  Or this one.  That shit is just ridiculous.  Overall, this blog gets an A+; the photos are awesome, the content is astounding, and the posts just keep a-coming.  The author is obviously very knowledgeable and really has a passion for bicycles.  He is an Aussie, but I won't hold that against him.  If you haven't already bookmarked this blog, do it now.

And one last note:  if you're into restoring old bikes, check out the Classic Rigs and Rides thread in the Classic & Vintage section of  It's a great place to get ideas and inspiration for your next project.

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