Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm baaaack

I've been riding to work like crazy, but have been running out of time to take pictures of myself before I head out. And the last couple times I did take a picture I neglected to upload it. So, here are a couple things I wore recently.

This is the dress I demanded from Cody for Valentine's day. It's so perfect. I love it. I did take the seam ripper to the sleeves, which came with an extra poof at the ends that did some odd things to my arms, which are short like the rest of me. We all know it got really hot recently, and this dress was great for keeping me comfortable both on the bike and in the office.

I also jumped on the hi-lo bandwagon. I saw one on Tanesha over at Girl With Curves, and snapped a not-too-dramatic one up from Target. Not everyone loves this hemline, according to the most recent Tribune style poll, but I obviously love sheer fabric and this makes me feel so, so pretty. It flutters nicely on the bike, too. The slip keeps me covered, and the sheer layer goes flying about merrily. Very fun.


  1. The shoes are really perfect and make your legs look longer. Love the rounded toes, too. Where's the basket?

    1. Thanks! I've been riding this lighter, faster bike with panniers, even though it isn't as pretty as my Raleigh Sport. Someday when I feel like a good mosey I'll get out the Sport again.