Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring hasn't sprung yet

It was gorgeous out today. Really, it was. But it was also windy, and spring hasn't quite sprung yet. After standing outside to take my picture, I decided it was just a little too blustery for a light trench, sheer dress and tights. So, I threw on a hoodie underneath the trench and subbed some boots for the ride and I was pretty comfortable. Also, this is the dress Cody gave me for Valentine's Day. I love it.


  1. The dress is adorable, but we are glad you wore a hoodie for the ride. My daffodils are about to bloom so I'm crossing fingers that we don't have any you-know-what tonight!

    1. I hope the flowers turned out to be okay! I didn't bike to work today, but Cody did and he said it snowed on him a little bit.