Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This is my haircut. Again.

I only went in for a trim. I told the stylist I was growing my hair out, but needed a slight trim and maybe a few layers to give it some shape. She turned me away from the mirror and when she turned me back around my hair looked exactly like it does in the above picture, except the bottom most layer was as long as it was when I walked into the salon.

It was a rat tail.

So I asked her to cut the tail off and now I'm stuck with the exact haircut I had when I decided to have long hair again. I spent a year growing this out.

I'm turning 30 this summer, and I had big plans to have long, sexy curls for my birthday. Now, I'll have awkward, in-between hair. If I haven't been crying over it, I've been pouting about it ever since I left the salon. It's a fine cut, but I wasn't prepared to lose so much hair.

I had just discovered some very cool, helmet-friendly easy updos that I was planning to share with you, too. Guess you'll have to wait another year for my hair to be long enough for it again.

So, it was with a heavy heart that I got ready for work today. I thought if I wore a brightly-colored miniskirt it would distract from my hair. It was roomy enough to bike in comfortably, and my opaque tights saved me from flashing any motorists. Also, it was another gorgeous day so my spirits were brightening by the time I got to work.

After work was another story. When I got out to my bike I realized my bike lock key was missing. I retraced my steps, but found it nowhere so I called Cody to come rescue me and loitered out by the bike rack. While I was chatting with another commuter I learned that someone turned in my key to our lost and found. The lady in charge of that poked around a couple of departments asking if anyone recognized it, but she never notified anyone in the department I work in, which is why I ended up getting a ride home.

Here's Cody rescuing me. He has said only nice things about my hair. I'm lucky to have him.


  1. I think your hair is cute. Glad they found the key, even if it was a bit "after the fact".

  2. I think your hair will be just right by August 11. I'm glad you married a man that can move bikes, too.

  3. Oh, no. I'm so sorry the butcher, sorry, "stylist" didn't listen to you properly. For what it's worth, it really does look like a great cut on you. But it has to be so frustrating that you had it all planned out for your birthday and now that plan has changed. Hair is so personal!

  4. Well, Bhu and I think it looks Saucy! It's actually perfect for your face, making it appear long and narrow. Looks rather good!

  5. Thanks, friends! You are all so, so nice.

  6. My hair was ruined in the same way. It was supposed to be a trim, but she turned me away from the mirror and hacked it all off. So short that I can't do much with it at all. So, I'm wondering if it was at the same place...I got mine cut at Art of Hair.

    1. The worst! I'm sorry you had a bad cut! There's nothing more awful than seeing a too-short 'do for the first time.

      Yes, I did go to Art of Hair. It's actually not a bad cut, but wasn't what I wanted. I'll say it has grown on me in the last couple of months, and I've even gone back to the same salon for a trim, which I am happy with.