Friday, February 24, 2012

Way Better Than Trial-and-Error

I'm a little late getting around to this, but PedNet is offering a Bicycle Mechanics College program.  It looks like a good series of courses if you're interested in learning how to effectively work on bikes.  According to the PedNet calendar, the series started at the beginning of February and goes through early April.  The class is held on Tuesdays at 6pm at Walt's.  Although you can sign up for the entire 8-week series of courses, it would be pretty pointless to do that now since they're already several weeks in.  But you can still sign up for each class individually.

As of now, I can't really attest to how worthwhile this class is.  However, if I have time, and if Gina lets me show up without registering, I may try to sneak in next week to see what the class is like.

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