Thursday, February 9, 2017

The End of the Line

Last weekend saw another bout of unseasonably warm temperatures. That made for a pretty good excuse to get out for a quick ride. I jumped on the Panasonic and set out for the Galloway Trail at around noon on Sunday. Temperatures were hovering in the mid-60s with very little wind and it was perfect riding weather. The Galloway Trail is undergoing some repairs where it crosses under the Highway 60, so rode the trail until I hit the end of the line. Then I returned the way I had come. Without the full Galloway circuit, the ride ended up being a bit shorter than expected. But I was able to fit a little over 16 miles into an early February afternoon. By the way, the average high temperature in early February in Springfield is in the 40s. So even a short ride in the wonderfully mild weather was quite a treat.

As I write this, temperatures are in the mid-20s and dropping. Sixty degrees and sunny sounds pretty damn nice.

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