Monday, April 18, 2016

Overhauling the Outpost

I'm ashamed to admit that I've badly neglected my old GT Outpost. You know that nasty, gray, salty slush that hangs around on the roads after it snows? Last winter, I rode through that stuff and then hung the Outpost back on the wall in the garage without rinsing it off first. Months of continuous exposure to salts, moisture, and other scary chemicals from the snowy road grime left the bike in pretty poor condition. Most of the components are now covered in a thick layer of surface rust and there are occasional spots of heavy rust on the frame. Of particular concern are the chainrings and cassette, which will likely need to be replaced. The front derailleur is in pretty bad shape as well, but I'm going to try to salvage it with a thorough polishing and, if needed, some wood bleach.

Thankfully, most of the rest of the bike is in serviceable condition. The frame will need to be touched up, the wheelset should be fine after the hubs have been repacked, and the rest of the components should be in good shape after a thorough cleaning. It'll need a new cassette and a full tuneup, but Kenneth gave me some replacement chainrings a while back, so I should be able to get the bike back to ride-ready condition without too much hassle. It's been disassembled and the frame is now hanging in the repair stand, so it shouldn't be long now.

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