Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When one of us thrives and the other one flounders

It's an odd feeling, this. I haven't felt very happy about Springfield life until now. Maybe it had something to do with the job instability I've experienced. We moved here because I got a job that I didn't really like very much and didn't last that long anyway. Then I took the next job that came along, a gig an hour away, which made for an extremely stressed out and very unhealthy me. Then I jumped at the chance to work in town again, but that job could only be described as bizarre so I quit that craziness and was lucky enough to secure my current gig just four days later.

It's embarrassing, really. We moved here for me, and for me it's been the biggest struggle. Luckily Cody is thriving. He loves his job, easily made lots of friends very quickly and is probably the happiest I've ever seen him. It's so great to see. Made me a little jealous.

I haven't wanted to share much about my life, on the bike or off, because I honestly haven't been proud enough to.

But now I'm about three months into my dream gig. I'm a corporate staffer at our regional YMCA. I'll try not to drone on about how great an organization it is. But it's pretty great. I get to help real people with real life struggles make healthy choices for their children, their communities and themselves. It feels noble, what I do. I feel proud of of my professional self again.

And, just so this doesn't turn into too much of a diary entry, there's a kickass bike rack just outside the office. So great, in fact, that there are usually at least four bikes locked to it. So I was surprised yesterday when I tried to leave, but couldn't because someone had locked his bike to mine while he took some time to chat with a motorist in a minivan just a few feet away. I should mention that 2/3 of this awesome bike rack was unoccupied.

This promises to be at the center of many a great Springfield cycling story.

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