Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fun With the Guys From Queen City Cycles

Queen City Cycles - my LBS - was celebrating their 10th birthday party on Sunday with a leisurely ride around town followed by a private party at Mother's. I was pretty excited about celebrating with the awesome guys from QCC, so the boy and I loaded up and braved the cool drizzly morning to go join the ride. We were running a few minutes late, but I figured they'd be running behind with the nasty weather. But then I flatted on my way across downtown. The little dude was a big helper getting the flat changed, but it still took around 20 minutes. Totally missed the start of the ride, and had no idea where they were going.

With the ride no longer an option, we decided to pop into the Bistro Market for some ice cream (for the boy) and a beer (for me). Then we went over to Mother's to join the party. The beer was excellent, of course. But they had Maria's cater lunch, which was also excellent. And the guys from QCC had some awesome swag, so I loaded up before we headed home.

Also, I'm not much of a fixed gear kind of guy, but there were a couple pretty sweet rigs locked up next to mine outside the Bistro Market. I snapped some pictures before moving on. Not too bad, eh?

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  1. Even with the flat, it doesn't sound a like a day wasted. I really like Queen City, that's where I picked up my Masi CX.