Saturday, February 8, 2014

Check Out This Bishop Randonneur

Ran across this beauty at CycleEXIF, and I just had to share. The overall look of the bike absolutely pops, and the attention to detail - a mainstay of Bishop Bicycles - is just plain astonishing. What's more, I couldn't help but notice some parallels between this randonneur and Ginger's Motobecane Super Mirage. While Ginger's Super Mirage isn't quite as spectacular as the Bishop, the two machines share certain qualities; the strikingly similar frame color, the hammered alloy fenders, the rich antique-finished leather saddle. The bicycles don't share a pedigree, but I was pleased that some of our design ideas that went into the Super Mirage build have shown up independently in the work of a world-class designer. I guess Ginger and I have a bit of a knack for this stuff after all!

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