Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Weather Logistics

The snow that has covered the city streets here in Springfield mostly melted away over the weekend. With much of the snow gone (for now), I thought this might be a nice time to reflect on some of the logistical challenges that we faced during our recent bout of winter weather.

Since becoming a one-car family, Ginger picked up a new job that requires her to commute to the Branson area three times a week. This means that for those three days, I'm responsible for getting our son to preschool and myself to work without a motor vehicle. In mild weather, this is not a problem; I hitch the trailer to my road bike, load up the boy, and off we go. In rainy conditions, the trek is a bit soggy, but not terrible. Winter weather is a bit more tricky, though.

The first few days after the snow fell, I hitched the trailer to my mountain bike and made my usual commute. But even with 2-inch knobbies, the mountain bike gets bogged down in loose snow, and I pitifully went down in a few inches of powder trying to get home on the second day. I was also a nervous wreck during the trip to preschool, absolutely certain that my son and I were going to be struck by someone driving like an idiot in the poor road conditions.

After giving up on the bike, Ginger spent a few days working from home, and I was able to use the car for the commute. But one of the final days in which the roads were still covered, I was without a car, I had given up on travelling by bicycle, and if I walked, I knew I was going to be carrying the boy on my shoulders most of the way. So we took the bus. There's a bus stop right around the corner from our house, with the next stop just three-or-so blocks from my son's preschool.

The bus schedule worked out perfectly with our normal morning routine, and the kiddo loved riding the big bus. As a bonus, he didn't have to wear his seat belt, which made it that much more cool. I think as far as efficiency and safety are concerned, Springfield's Transit Services will be my go-to commuting method during winter weather from here on out.

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  1. I have been wondering how you were going to do this....bravo!