Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm totally cruisin' for a brewsin'

Late last month, I caught a lucky break in having my mother-in-law in town to watch my son, which freed me up to attend the second-ever Cruisin' for a Brewsin' bicycle pub crawl. As an aside, I keep calling it a 'bike crawl,' but that seems inaccurate. We are not crawling from bike-to-bike. Instead we are crawling from pub-to-pub via bicycle. Therefore, 'bicycle pub crawl' seems a more apt description.

The event is held every third Thursday of the month until the end summer, which means the next one will be on July 18th. I didn't make it to the first Cruisin' for a Brewsin' in May, but I can tell you with certainty that the second one was totally badass. There were about 50 riders, and it was an awesome group of folks. We started at The Dugout (which seems to be a consistent thread for this event), then hit Lindberg's, Patton Alley, and Farmer's Gastropub. We spent about an hour at each spot, meaning that I was home and in bed by around 11 pm, which allowed me a good night's rest for work the next morning.

This month's schedule is posted on the Mother's Brewing Company website (they co-sponsor the event). It's set to start off at The Dugout at 6:15 pm, followed by Ebbets Field, Mother's, Skinny Slim's, then back to The Dugout.

It's bound to be a pretty rad time. I'll be there. You should too.

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