Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Big Lock Up

Shortly after moving to Springfield, Ginger's bike was stolen. Her (very appropriate) response was to buy a big-ass U-lock and keep on riding - albeit on a different bike. She picked up a Kryptonite Series 2, which thus far has kept her machine out of the hands of would-be bike-thief ass-clown losers. A couple of notable drawbacks are that it's quite heavy to haul around and also limits your ability to lock to large diameter objects like lampposts. It's also exceedingly difficult to lock up multiple bikes simultaneously with a single lock. With that said, it's definitely a heavy duty lock that will help deter thieves.

Meanwhile, I'm still riding around with my ultra-cheap 1/4" cable lock. It's definitely been a source of concern for me. On the one hand, I never leave my bike out overnight and our security guard at the office has an unimpeded view of the bike racks at work. On the other hand, my rig is locked up in the same place every day, making it easier to premeditate a theft. So last week, I finally upgraded my lock, opting for a Kryptonite Evolution Mini with a 4' Flex cable. I also bought an extra 4' Flex cable for Ginger.

I'm certainly resting easier having a big scary lock keeping my bicycle secure. The Evolution Mini fits nicely in my panniers, so it's easy to carry. I'm not trying to endorse Kryptonite by any means. They make a great product, but so do a number of other companies. The Evolution Mini is just what was available to me at my LBS. Thick cable locks, heavy chains, and U-locks from any reputable manufacturer (Knog, Avenir, Blackburn, Abus, OnGuard, etc.) are great ways to keep your machine in your possession.

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