Thursday, March 14, 2013

Talking to strangers

Some nice lady who I did not recognize drove slowly around me as I was headed to work today. She had the windows rolled down on her gray SUV so I could clearly her her shout, "Heeey!" while giving me a wave. Since she had a big ole bike rack on her rig I assumed it was a friendly holler, not a get-out-of-my-way sort of thing.

Bolstered by this encounter and the gorgeous weather I decided everyone I met today would be similarly chummy. So with that mindset I headed home for my break and exchanged a smile and a nod with the guy who pulled up next to me on his moped. Without thinking I challenged him to a race.

Just a friendly joke between two people who don't spend a whole lot of money on gas, right?


"You're sexy," was his response.

That was when I remembered why I don't talk to strangers. 

I should mention here that this is probably the longest red light in town. I stood there in icy silence next to this creep for what seemed like forever. It was during this interminable interval that he asked where I was going.

"Home to my husband," I said. 

And that's where I went.

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