Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guess which one of us is Irish

We found out St. Patrick's Day here in Springfield is a pretty big deal. Cody's folks came in from out of town so we could all wear excessive amounts of green clothing and accessories and head down to the parade. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and got out the tandem for its first tour of downtown Springfield. Many people waved at us.

Back seat tandem riders don't have to hold the handlebars.

Cody's parents drove over to the festivities and took our boy with them so he could get a good look at the animal costume contest. He saw lots of dogs in tutus, plus some festive alpacas and reptiles. He liked it.

Really, though, he liked the parade because candy was flung in his general direction. He left the parade with his pockets stuffed with sugar. He also managed to steal some of our beads with green beers on them, which made us look like the Parents of the Year.

Even though there were a whole bunch of parades in Columbia, this might have been the first one we attended as a family. It was a whole bunch of fun to watch him scramble for candy with the other children and see how he reacted to the super-cool floats and watch him wave at the people. But the parade wasn't without its adult entertainment. I particularly liked this float...

Giant can of PBR

We had a great time getting a gander at our fellow Springfieldians, drinking some Guinness, showing our son a good time and hanging out with our family. Bonus: we even got in a nice little bike ride.

My button says, "I'm not Irish. Kiss me anyway!" I also look for any excuse to wear my beerings.

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