Thursday, June 7, 2012

These shoes get cat calls

I actually had a woman stop me in the street after I locked up my bike and was walking into my office to tell me how much she loved my shoes. This made my whole day

They are great biking/working shoes. Great for cycling because there's a strap to hold them on my feet, the heel and sole are substantial and they're pretty comfy. Great for working because they go with almost everything and get compliments from strangers on the street.

Anyway, I opted for tights-as-pants for the commute and brought a pencil skirt for work. It wasn't until later that I realized it's way too big for me right now. Oh, well. There are worse things, right?

This shirt doesn't have a top button, but luckily I have a large collection of vintage clip-on earrings. One was enough to hold my top together in an ornamental fashion without poking holes in my new blousy blouse.


  1. I've been looking for clip-on earrings and can't find any. Did you get yours locally?

    1. I do. I like Maude and Absolute Vintage for jewelry. I've also gotten some cool things, including my wedding jewelry, over at The Future Antiques in St. Louis.