Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cody's Reading List: The PooBah

Before he disappeared off the face of the Earth late last year, I was a regular reader of Columbia's very own CoMo CyCo (Columbia, Missouri Cycling Cooperative), written by local hero PooBah.  As of this morning, the PooBah has resurfaced...again (he disappeared for a couple months last Spring as well).  With any luck, he'll stick around for a while, because his blog is superbly entertaining.  The content is pretty heavy on the professional cycling scene - which I only have a passing interest in - but is mostly in the form of ridicule and witticism.  He also does a good job of updating readers on local and regional races, as well as recreational rides like the Pedaler's Jamboree and the Monster Bike Bash.

Overall, CoMo CyCo is very funny and very well written.  If you're a cyclist in the mid-MO area, this blog is a must.  And if you're it anyways.


  1. Dear Stringers,

    My cup runneth over and hath overfloweth onto my chamois-eth. Not sure I deserve such accolades - but I will accept them regardless to try to offset all the shitty comments I get from everybody else! Will get a link up for you guys soon. Best of luck -


    1. Hey PooBah. Ginger and I are long-time readers, so we're glad to give you a few accolades. Keep up the good work, and tell the GEEC we said hello.