Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thank goodness for bike shorts

This is a wrap dress. It's super easy to wear, and probably among the more flattering items in my closet. But there's this danged waist-high slit to deal with. If you're concerned at all about keeping the color of your undies a secret, but attempt to bike in your work dresses anyway you've probably commuted with some part of your mind on whether or not you're revealing more than you intend.

This sucks.

Also, it's sort of dangerous. If I have to share the road with two-ton vehicles I want to be completely focused on what exactly I'm doing and the other people on the road. This is why I've taken to wearing to bike shorts underneath any garment I'm iffy about on the bike.

What a feeling!

It feels vaguely naughty because I just stop concerning myself with what my skirt is doing. And probably because I am showing my underpants (or would that be undershorts?). I'm better able to concentrate on my commute. And since this is something I find myself doing every year, I can say I always surprise myself with how much I'm not showing. At the end of the hot weather season I feel completely comfortable biking in most everything in my closet, even without bike shorts.

But they are a nice sort of security blanket at the beginning of the season.



    I was totally going to nominate you for this award. I know you probably don't need a bike, but I think Terry is a great company and you could donate it to PedNet or something if you don't need it. Anyway, I think you are the most inspirational bike commuter I know (at least through blogland:) When I went to do the nomination it had blanks for email, etc. and it seemed like the nominee was supposed to nominate themselves. I didn't fill out the form because I didn't want to give out your email without your permission. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you are inspirational.

    1. Wow, Kim. That is just so sweet of you to say. I will definitely enter this contest. And we certainly don't mind you giving out our email address. We like talking about bikes with strangers. :)