Monday, May 23, 2016

The Road Warrior Ramble

Just when I thought our favorite brewery couldn't get any better, it went and started hosting some Sunday rides. Weekends are pretty busy for us, and I'm coming off a particularly busy season at the office so really all I want to do on my days off are laundry, grocery shopping and be with our kids.

Apparently I've done that every weekend for months because Cody conspired with Miranda, his sister, to get me out of the house "because I never do anything."

I'm so glad I went. I met up with Miranda at the brewery with just enough time to have a beer (a super nice guy put the first $100 on his tab so we got a couple for free!) and hit the road. We opted for the 10-miler since she was recovering from a couple of longer rides and I haven't been on my bike in forever. It was a beautiful day, a friendly crowd, a leisurely pace and an all-around excellent experience. I'll do it again, no arm twisting necessary.

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