Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spring Tuning Continues

Over the winter, the cage on one of the Peugeot's stock pedals cracked. On top of that, I lost the dust cap at some point, and the grease was beginning to leak out. So I figured it was time to replace them. The original pedals were French-threaded, though, so I had the good folks at Queen City Cycles re-tap the cranks for me. Then I added some All-City Track pedals in a pretty sweet gold color that closely matches the gold lettering on the PH-10's frame. A bit flashier than I normally prefer, but I must say they look pretty slick.

Next, I ran new cables and housing and re-wrapped the bars. In the process I decided to go ahead and move the brake levers up slightly on the handlebars to give me a somewhat more upright, less stretched-out riding position when resting my hands on the hoods. I also tried a new bar tape that the guys at QCC recommended - a thick-ass 2.5mm tape from Zevlin with an RBICI design. While the bar tape looks and feels great and the pedals are totally rad, I decided to try running the brake cables over the bars rather than under them, and I'm not happy with the way it turned out. So I'll be re-routing the cables as soon as I get a chance.

I still need to replace the bottom bracket cartridge and I recently noticed a pretty decent bend in the outer chainring that needs to be addressed, so I've got more work to do. But in the meantime, the old girl's riding pretty well.

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