Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stay Informed. Stay Safe. Ride Your Bike.

What a fantastic article from Carl Alviani on Medium earlier this month. To say that all bicyclists should read this piece would be an understatement. In truth, everyone should read it; especially after the idiocy involved in the whole Santa Paula / Laura Weintraub situation out in California this weekend. The article says more about the realities of urban cycling than any other article I've read to-date, and is valuable information for anyone who uses the road with any form of transportation...ever.

In other news, the image above shows the bike rack that I normally use at Mercy Springfield. It's usually mostly empty. During Bike To Work Week it was a bit more heavily used, but it was definitely not as full as it was last week. I had to lock my bike up at the very end because there was hardly enough room for it. This is great news. Good work, coworkers!

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