Friday, June 6, 2014

Medium Bicycles

I had the opportunity to see Evan Williams speak at Big Omaha last month. He was an inspiring and dynamic speaker, but the very brief time he spent talking about his new project - Medium - had me very intrigued. I wasn't familiar with Medium before I saw Ev speak, which maybe goes to show that I'm not up-to-date with the latest writing platforms. After checking it out, the platform seemed pretty cool: one location for all writers to post. This leaves the authors free to write as much or as little as they wish, without the need to manage a website of their own.

On Medium, the stories are grouped by 'collection.' And I was able to find 10 different bicycle-themed collections, from fixed gear and single speed to vintage bicycles. While I haven't done much more than surf through some of the more recent stories in the various bike-themed collections, I'm looking forward to adding a few to my daily feed. Seems like a great way to keep a variety of sources coming through the pipe.

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