Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Joyride of Summer

I can hardly believe that the end of June is already upon us.  But sure enough, this coming Sunday is the last one of the month.  And that means it's Joyride time.  It's going to be a hot-ass Joyride, as evidenced by the following screenshot I took while checking the forecast.

Due to the heat, it might be best to meet up somewhere with some respite from the sun, so let's get together at the gazebo at Flat Branch Park.  As for the ride, we enjoyed last month's trip to Stephens Lake so much that we thought we may as well do it again.  It's a relatively short trip, and hopefully there won't be any blocked roads due to a major fire along our route.  At Stephens Lake we can take a rest in the shade to cool off before heading back downtown.  Once we're back downtown we might as well duck in to the Flat Branch to refresh ourselves with a cold beer.

As usual, all are welcome, so come out and join us for a leisurely ride around beautiful downtown CoMo.

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