Thursday, May 17, 2012

The worst

I love this skirt. It's light and roomy, it has pockets, it's surprisingly versatile. And it just makes me feel so pretty! So, at least I was feeling great when a horrible screeching sound started coming from the front of my bike and then this happened...
My front brake fell off my bike. Above, you see the spacer that I picked up off the street. Below you see where the whole thing is supposed to be attached. I have no idea where washer and nut are that should be there. I may have been riding around without them for quite some time. We can't figure out how this could have happened.
Actually, now that I think about it I probably have been riding around with some falling-apart brakes for a while. When Cody took the screw out he found it was bent. This makes us both sad.
I guess we all know what Cody will be working on this weekend in the Tinkery.


  1. Oh no! At least you're okay. It looks like if you were unlucky it might've gone into the spokes...

  2. Love the floral skirt, too! It DOES make you look pretty. :-)