Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The May Joyride

We really thought it would be just us Stringers out for the Sunday Joyride. With the Pedaler's Jamboree on Saturday and the Memorial Day weekend we figured everybody would be either too tired or out of town for our little recreational spin around town.

Boy, were we wrong.

Holli, Quinn and Neil met up with us over at the Flat Branch Park playground. Here we are just leaving the park (the only time we rode on the sidewalk).
They are more familiar with interesting routes between Flat Branch Park and Stephens Lake Park so we let them take the lead. The huge fire at the Brookside Apartments construction site prevented us from taking our pretty direct, planned route so instead we took a lot of side streets and even went over one of Columbia's more uncomfortable brick streets.

Mercifully it was only for half a block and we took it really slow so it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be.

We also dismounted and walked our rides over the pedestrian bridge at Stephens College, where we got a good look at the remains of the fire site. Let me say here that I never would have thought to take this route, but I'm so glad they did. I love finding new ways to get around town.

From the college it seemed like it was mostly down hill to the park, where we found our friends Liz and Kyle hanging out under a shade tree waiting to meet up with us.

Holli, Quinn and Neil caught their breath and rehydrated before heading home a little early.

Pretty soon my buddies from work Caroline and Justin showed up with some new friends, Liz and Colin. I later found out they had been waiting for us by the Flat Branch Park gazebo instead of the playground and I had no idea because I left my phone at home and missed all their texts and tweets. Sorry, guys!

Anyway, my boy put on the adorability show to keep them entertained. He rolled around on the grass and then learned how to take self portraits.

Then we were off again! This time, since we were in Kyle's neck of the woods, he led us.

We took a spin around the roundabout as we rode by Boone Hospital. This was all under construction two years ago when our little dude was born. The improvement was indescribable.

I find that we tend to clump together at stop lights, all ride through together and then straighten out along the right side of the lane once we're through the intersection. Seems like something like that would take some ahead-of-time planning, but that's just how it happens. I think it's nice.

Anyway, we made it over to Flat Branch for some deliciousness before heading back. It was so hot out and we had just ridden up some hills and we were thirsty. The APA there has never tasted so good. Really. It's a seasonal brew so get over there and drink one before it's gone.

This is Kyle's We Made It pose.

We had a fantastic time over bikes, brews and food. Then we all parted ways and headed home.

On the way back Cody did the best photo bomb ever.

And when I got home I realized I had some gnarly chain grease all over my leg. I loved it so much I didn't wash it off right away. This might even make a great tattoo, right? Right?

Many thanks to Neil, Holli, Quinn, Kyle, Liz, Caroline, Justin, Colin and Liz for making this ride so much fun. Hope to see you next time!


  1. Awesome tattoo - and washable! I think when I was driving home after the Pedaler's Jamboree I might have saw your bike ride. Great day for a bike ride.

    1. It was a great day for a ride. Really, a great weekend to bike around. I hope you had fun at the Jamboree!