Friday, May 11, 2012

Look what my Mom got!

My mom's twin brother got this bike from an old man at their church 30 years ago. He kept it all this time, and just unearthed it and gave it to her. It's this lovely Schwinn 3-speed thing with a rear rack, fenders, a chain guard and a lovely color scheme. They texted these pictures to me. The dog belongs to my Tia, and her name is Chloe — the dog, not my aunt. My aunt's name is Priscilla.

Mom lives in Colorado Springs, where there's a lively cycling community, and a great many hills. I hope she finds a good bike mechanic to tune it up. If she brought that thing to the Tinkery for Cody to look at I would steal that rig without shame.What a beautiful ride.

Also, there are a couple of other items around the Internet that might interest you. Momentum Magazine's new issue just came out (you can even flip through the digital edition if you like). Loyal reader Kim gave me the heads-up about this Ride It Forward contest Terry Precision Cycling is looking for the most dedicated cyclist. I entered. The winner will be determined by popular vote, and the voting period begins on June 11. Vote for me if you like, or enter yourself! I'd love to see a CoMoian win. Terry Precision Cycling  has many adorable bike-specific garments, by the way. I would kill for this dress or this one or these boots with "generous calf space." Check 'em out.

And then there's this. My friend, coworker and fellow bike enthusiast Charlie alerted me to this delightful little gem.

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