Friday, April 27, 2012

Most Joyriders Ever!

I couldn't believe it. Seven new people joined the Joyride last Sunday! Cody's sister Miranda came up from Springfield to visit us and see David Sedaris, who was very awesome but did not come on the ride. Neil and Holly came with their son and Matt came with his wife Kristen and his sister Kristen. That makes seven first-time riders in addition to the usuals. Not a bad turnout for a chilly, cloudy Sunday afternoon.

 We took the trail out to Twin Lakes again. On the way my camera batteries died. Boo! A lot of these pictures were taken with my phone.

But we turned the kids loose to play while we did grown-up gabbing and snacking.

The little dudes had a great time. It's a pretty neat playground out there at Twin Lakes.
Then we loaded up and rode back. 

Some of us wanted to make it back to Peace Park to catch some Earth Day festivities. I was too cold, though, and wanted to go back home instead. So that's what we did. I love my sister-in-law, btw.
I hope you'll join us this Sunday at 2:00 for another ride. We decided to meet up at Flat Branch Park again, but this time we'll take a tour of downtown and campus and end up at Shakespeare's for some pizza and brewskis before disbanding. 


  1. Aren't we lucky to live in Columbia?

  2. We had a blast (well, when the chitlin wasn't whining). =) Thanks for including us. We won't be riding this weekend, but hopefully we'll get to join you guys again soon!

    Holli (and Neil and Quinn)

    1. Thanks for coming! It was really great to meet you all.