Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get psyched for the Joyride

Joyride. Sunday. Two o'clock. Flat Branch Park playground. Get psyched. PSYCHED!

Everybody is welcome so bring your special lady, your special dude, your parents and/or your kids. We're going to meander from Flat Branch Park to Twin Lakes, where we will picnic, and then we will ride back. Bring enough food and drink for yourself if you want to eat something. We don't expect you to feed everybody.

There is a chance of rain on Sunday. If it's raining, one of us (probably Cody) will stay at home with the little dude. I'll be there at the park, though, to meet you and we can decide together whether we want to embark on a possibly-messy-though-joyful trail ride.

See you Sunday!

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