Saturday, March 10, 2012

Call me a criminal

It was a truly gorgeous week here in Columbia, and it should be a crime that I only biked to work on Friday. I had a really busy week, though. One day the little dude pooped his pants just before we left for the day, and refused to sit still for his diaper change, which made us unbelievably late. Another day I had a morning optometrist appointment that ran twice as long as I expected it to, and another day I was worried wet streets would make me too gross for the office. 

On Tuesday, though, I got to serve on a panel of reviewers for communication students at William Woods. I saw a lot of portfolios from a lot of students with a variety of concentrations, from PR to broadcasting to leadership to film. Some needed some work and some were well-prepared to enter the workforce, but there was one extraordinary young film student who I think is really going somewhere. Keep an eye out for Lincoln Purvis. If this kid keeps on keeping on, he'll be a big shot in a couple few years.

Here's a short, award-winning film he did about a cyclist who was hit by a car and had to work up the nerve to get back on the bike.
Pedaling On from Lincoln Purvis on Vimeo.

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