Monday, March 26, 2012

Always take time to primp, Ginger

My bike rides weren't long enough today. It was just that gorgeous. It was one of those days when hills seemed effortless, the breeze seemed extra refreshing and my fellow Columbians were extra friendly. Since I couldn't stand for my evening ride to end I took an extra lap around my neighborhood to wave at the neighbors and cool down. 

This shirt was really fun to wear, too. When I was down in the drops the wind shot up the billowy sleeves and made the back flap around like a flag. It made me feel like I was a superhero wearing a cape. In reality I was probably just flashing around my tattoo.

Since I felt like a million bucks when I got to the office I didn't think about stopping by the bathroom to primp. Really, I should have. I showed up at work with a stripe of some sort of bike grease in an unfortunately-placed spotty line across the front of my shirt, and I didn't notice for about an hour.

Pro tip: Always primp, Ginger.

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