Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Windy Wednesday

When I dropped the little dude off at the sitter's house this morning, the wind blew my skirt up around my neck so I knew I had to wear something else for the ride to the office. Thank goodness I have this trusty pair of jeggings. They aren't something I would wear to the office, but they are opaque, they roll up nicely and are easy to fit into my pocketbook. When I got to work I just swapped the jeggings (Cody calls them jights) for the skirt and strolled to my cubicle.

While the wardrobe switcheroo may have been simple, the actual commute was much more difficult. I had a nice westerly wind at my back for the ride into town. I felt like all I had to do was stay upright while the wind pushed me along. The ride home was a real challenge, though. That west wind that helped me so much this morning was the bane of my existence this evening, and I really had to fight to get home.  When I got here I was exhausted.


  1. We call it "DRESS UP DAY" when its windy.

  2. We might not have hills, but the wind can sure make it feel like a monster hill.